Repurposing Warehouses into Cool New Office Spaces

Warehouse turned to office space

Whether by necessity or by choice, re-purposing an old warehouse and transforming it into an unconventional office space may just give your business an edge. You’ll not only get reduced rent, but you’ll also have tons of potential in terms of style and layout. Here are the things you can do to turn that warehouse into an office space.

Take Advantage of High Ceilings

More often than not, warehouses come with high ceilings, which you can use to your advantage. If floor space is an issue, you can increase it by adding a loft for storage. If floor space is adequate, you can still add a loft to house top-level offices and provide a perch to keep an eye on employees. Utilise concrete stair treads to access the loft space retaining that modern industrial design feel.

Highlight its Modern Industrial Design Features

Most warehouses will come with an industrial look just by virtue of its past life and previous purpose. Thankfully, this aesthetic is here to stay with its own sizeable share of devotees. Play up the industrial features and make it part of the office space look. You can start by cleaning up the exposed ducts and polishing up the concrete flooring. Retain the distressed and aged look of the brick walls to provide a contrast between the old and the new and as a nod to the space’s history.

Create Collaborative Work Spaces

Recently, companies have begun to recognise the advantages of a collaborative office set up like increased innovation and cooperation. Why not try this set up in your upcoming office since you’re already faced with wide-open spaces of an old warehouse. No need to attempt closing off offices. Apply an open concept in planning the office space with flexible seating but consider the acoustics to fully reap the benefits of a collaborative office space.

With these tips, you can soon have a trendy, hip and collaborative office space full of inspiration without feeling as if you work inside a true-to-life warehouse space.