Save Your Restaurant By Cleaning Your Kitchen Extractor

Kitchen of a restaurant

Many restaurant owners overlook the need to clean their kitchen extractor regularly, and it puts their operations at risk. Failing to clean such a system poses a grave fire hazard and can raze down an entire building.

It costs a small fortune to set up a restaurant as you have to invest in commercial grade kitchen equipment among other expenses. You also have to outdo yourself creating mouth-watering dishes to keep the patrons coming back for more.

On top of this, you must get the word out to increase your share on the market and keep the place full at all times. You must deliver the same level of service every day to keep the tables full. To safeguard such this level of success, you mustn’t ignore simple routine maintenance practices such as kitchen extract cleaning.

Keep the Doors Open

The chaps at the health inspectorate are quick to crack down on eateries that fail to toe the line. The last thing you want is for them to carry out a random check them only to find your kitchen overrunning with roaches. See, while the kitchen extractor will eliminate airborne grease, fumes, and smoke, it needs regular cleaning.

Otherwise, fibrous particles and oily deposits accumulate in the system. When this happens, the deposits reduce air flow efficiency, and this creates a warm and greasy environment. Roaches love such environments and will breed quickly. Without swift action, the population of these critters can grow to epic proportions to pose a safety hazard.

Safeguard Your Investment

It may seem surprising but neglecting the kitchen extractors can cost you your entire business. See, the accumulation of grease in these systems poses a grave fire risk. At high temperatures, the grease accumulating on the system can catch fire and cause it to spread rapidly through the ducts.

In such instances, the fire would prove hard to put off, putting your patrons and entire investment at risk. On top of having the premises razed to the ground, your insurance carrier might decline to compensate you for the loss. Failing to clean the extractor system on the regular can invalidate the building’s insurance cover.

Regular cleaning and maintenance in the kitchen is the key to keeping your restaurant safe and operational. Failing to keep equipment such as kitchen extractor puts your entire operation at risk of fire.