Signs Your House Needs Repainting

a man painting the walls

A well-painted house will not only pop out. It also goes well against the effects of ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures. Also, one fast way to boost the value for your house is by repainting it.

But just like many things in life, your coat of paint is susceptible to damage or periodical wear and tear. So, what are some of the signs that show that your property needs some repainting? Commercial painters in Wellington share some examples below.

Peeling paint

This is one of the obvious signs that your paint is giving in. This goes for both interior and exterior paints. You should be more careful, especially if the house comprises mostly wood as this leaves it exposed to water and moisture, which could be detrimental in the long run.

Among the first places you will notice this sign are the areas highly exposed to moisture. These places include the bottom of your door trim or on the windows.

Fading paint

Your paint faces extreme weather conditions on a regular basis. This makes its colour fade over time. The number 1 contributing factor to this is the effect of direct sunlight. Note that oil-based paint with dark colours fades much faster than light shades.

Anyone will tell you that the beauty of your house lessens when the paint fades. However, it takes time for good-quality paint to fade. A professional painter will come in handy in helping you pick the right paint and colour.

Outdated colour

They say that in life, the only permanent thing is the change. The paint you have on your property today might be trendy, but only for now. In the future, you will want to improve the curb appeal of our home, which might involve getting a complete makeover of your home — including paint.

Every home-owner would love to keep their property looking pristine and attractive. There is more of a need for this when one is preparing the house for a resale. Knowing the signs above will make it easy to know when to call a professional painter in your locality.