Simple but Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Warm during Winter

Man replacing the furnace

As the winter season is approaching, temperatures outside are starting to dip. Unfortunately, that means that the temperature within your home is dropping as well. If your furnace is on the fritz, you need to be resourceful in maintaining comfort in your home. Here are some simple ways to keep you warm.

Hang Thick Curtains

You can start with keeping in the heat. Hanging up thick, insulating curtains will reduce heat loss in your home. If your home contains single glazed windows, curtains can reduce the heat loss by up to 60%. If you have double-glazed windows, curtains may reduce the heat loss by 40% to 50%.

Choose curtains that would seal the space around the windows to prevent cold air from seeping in and hot air from escaping. Find a relatively thick material; the thicker it is, the better. If you cannot afford to insulate the curtains, a PVC shower curtain will do the job.

Replace Your Furnace

If the above option does not provide you with enough warmth and comfort, a hearth is always the ideal source of heat. Well, if your furnace is on the fritz, determine if it’s time to replace it. Search for professional heating repair services in Salt Lake City. Companies such as Action Plumbing can check your appliance and determine if your furnace needs repairing or replacing.

Put Rugs on Bare Floors

Bare floors can account for a heat loss of up to 15%, especially those that are not well-insulated. One way to combat heat loss is to place rugs on all the floors of your home. Any room with a wooden or bare floor calls for a nice, cozy rug.

Shag rugs work wonders because they are thick, soft, and comfortable. There are also rugs specifically designed to minimize heat loss. Of course, rugs also provide a psychological element that tricks your brain into thinking your home is warmer than it is – and your body will feel warm.

A worn out, old, or malfunctioning furnace can reduce the warmth and comfort of your home drastically. Replacing your furnace ensures warm and cozy winter months. While the tips above may seem rather simple, they offer phenomenal improvements to the temperature within your home.