Sleep Enough to Lose More Fat, and Other Healthy Sleep Benefits

a woman sleepingPeople usually associate sleep with being lazy, but you may be surprised at what sleep can do for those who want to lose body fat. With a bamboo comforter, bamboo sheets, and a cold pitch-black bedroom, you can get good sleep that actually facilitates fat loss, as discovered by researchers in Chicago’s Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Other studies also support how sleep can help you control your cravings and help you feel full for longer lengths of time.

Study: Sleep Helps Lose Fat

Sleep can do wonders for the body as long as you get enough of it. Researchers at Northwestern University tasked 36 people in an eight-week experiment to cut calories. Twenty-one of the 36 participants, however, had to cut calories and get less sleep as well.

The 21 participants missed an hour of sleep every weeknight. They also made up for the deprivation with an extra hour of sleep during the weekends. At the end of the study, the sleep-deprived dieters lost 3.2kg just like the other participants, but they lost more lean muscle than fat tissue.

Study: Sleep Controls Cravings

Other studies also demonstrate what sleep can do for those pursuing a healthy lifestyle. University of California, Berkeley, conducted one of the studies that tested 23 non-obese participants. The participants had a full night’s rest of eight hours and another night of sleep deprivation. After each night, the researchers asked what food the participants craved, and the participants craved more junk food when sleep deprived.

Study: Sleep Makes You Feel Full

In another study of 1,024 people, sleep-deprived volunteers showed unbalanced hormone levels. The participants had low leptin and high ghrelin, in particular. Leptin controls the feeling of fullness, while ghrelin engages your appetite.

With all these studies, you can pursue good sleep if you want to lose fat, control your cravings, and feel fuller after you eat. You can also experience all the other benefits that good sleep brings. Of course, to get good sleep, you need to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible.