Solar Pool Heating: A Great Alternative

Solar power is cost effective and is not only for homes and offices but also to heat pools. Most pools need some form of heating so that water temperature would be comfortable in the spring and fall. Solar pool heating also helps in keeping water temperature constant, especially when used often.

With that in mind, what do homeowners in Perth need to know about solar pool heating?

Solar heating is very simple. It consists of the following elements:

Solar collector – pool water circulates to this device which gets heated by sunshine
Filter – removes all the dirt and debris before going to the collector
Pump – helps water circulate through the filter, the collector, then back into the pool
Flow control valve – operated manually or automatically and diverts water through the collector

Pool systems include sensors and vales to manage water circulation. When water temperature is high or low, the system can kick in and ensure that the temperature is maintained as needed.

Installing and Maintaining a Solar Heating System

Getting the right solar heating system depends on many factors. These include the right type to install, local building codes, climate, safety issues, etc. It is important to find and hire a qualified installer. After getting the system installed, make sure to go through the process to maintain it. A well-maintained system will run smoothly for at least 15-20 years. Also, the installer/contractor will be able to offer maintenance advice.

Being able to go swimming in your pool is only one of the many benefits of getting a solar pool heater. With minimal maintenance and no need for extra fuel, there is no way you could go wrong with getting one.