Spruce Up Your Home and Garden With Decorative Fences

Metal fence

Your home’s exterior helps define its character. And since it is what people see first, it is important to put your best foot forward. To help complete the look of your home’s exterior, you need to choose the right kind of fence.

This guide will help you learn about your options.


When you think of wood, you immediately think ‘white picket fence’. This old fashioned style is ideal if you have a traditional home or a cute cottage. Don’t pass up on wood as your fence material if you have a modern house. Check out wood fence panels with vertical slats that are dyed to match your home’s exterior paint or siding.


With so many types of metal to choose from, you are sure to find decorative metal fence panels that will best suit your home. If your exterior walls have a flat finish, consider getting corrugated iron to add some texture. This is especially perfect if your walls have just one solid color.

If you have a huge European style garden or a sweet, little secret garden, a traditional iron gate will make the perfect addition. For a more modern home, think outside the box. You can go with vertical bars for an ultra-modern feel or go a little earthy with steel panels.


Translucent glass is a cool material to use as fence panels, as it provides separation and privacy but still let light through. Glass fence panels are sleek and stylish, making them perfect for contemporary homes.


Stone is a versatile material that fits most designs and styles. If you have a huge home, build a high stone fence for privacy. It also adds a romantic touch to your garden. For a modern house, you can create a gabion wall by encasing stones in a fabricated metal cage.

Fences do more than just delineate your property. They also add character to your home and garden. No matter the style of your home, there is a fence to bring out the best in it.