Steel Security Door Maintenance Check-list

Door handle with a lock

When the steel door is faulty or has suffered some damage, the level of protection they offer decreases. To prevent this from happening, you need to have the door checked by experienced professionals regularly. They should be maintained just like any other product to keep them working efficiently. Below are some of the items that need to be periodically checked.


The door hinges need to be checked for any loose screws, wear and tear of the pin or any other defects. The hinges need to be serviced and any defective parts replaced according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The steel door should swing freely and smoothly. King Security Doors recommends finding an expert installer of iron window grill to do it.


Have an expert periodically check the lockset for any loose attaching screws or even other defects. The door should always latch without any obstructions. If the door is fixed with a self-latching mechanism it should be in a position to freely latch when the door swings to a closed position. You should not have to apply additional force for it to latch.

The closing devices

When other parts are being checked, have the closing devices checked as well. Check for loose screws and linkage arm, a worn out pin, or leaked fluids. If you find some defective parts, be sure to replace them immediately. Both the secondary and the primary closing speed adjustments should be maintained and set according to the manufacturer’s manual. The device should allow the door to operate freely and smoothly while it swings and latches.

Installing security doors is one of the steps you can take to protect your property and your family. But you should maintain them regularly so they can last and serve you longer.