Sustaining the Switch to a Sustainable Lifestyle

a man in a suit with a leaf in the pocket

Fifty years. That’s how long experts estimate we have before the world’s oil and natural gas reserves run out. Although coal reserves are predicted to last for more than a century, research shows that 75 to 80 percent of fossil fuels should remain unused to maintain global targets for carbon emissions. The amount of other natural resources is also declining — while the growing population’s waste increases.

The UN celebrates World Environment Day every June 5 to promote environmental awareness. It highlights issues such as nature conservation and sustainable consumption while encouraging everyone to act.

Challenges of a Sustainable Lifestyle

While changing your lifestyle to live sustainably is great for the environment, it can’t be denied that you’ll face challenges along the way, such as the notion that switching to a sustainable lifestyle is costly. The concern is common for renewable energy sources. Focusing on the benefits and doing some light research can help ease them, though.

Studies have shown that the costs of generating wind and solar power have gone down. Point Zero Energy, a team that designs and builds solar energy systems, also notes it is possible to run your home entirely on sustainable solar energy — saving you thousands on monthly electric bills.

Making Your Sustainable Lifestyle Stick

A good way to maintain your resolve is to start small. Rather than doing everything all at once, stick to one or two changes to your routine. Try recycling, using less plastic or disposables, or riding public transportation. Do a monthly check on how well you are doing and add more changes as you settle into the new routine.

If cost is your primary concern, opt for tasks that translate into savings quickly. Activities like these include recycling, buying fewer clothes or buying second-hand ones, and conserving water and electricity. Afterward, you can use the money saved for other sustainable choices that were previously inaccessible due to a limited budget.

Keeping an open mind and a positive attitude is important to maintaining your commitment living sustainably. Don’t mind any negativity around you and focus on what you can do. Slowly but surely, stick to your resolutions, and you’ll soon reach your goals.