Swimming Pool Features You Could Install

Loft Villa Swimming Pool

Swimming pool owners in Utah sometimes want something unique and different in their swimming pools. Dolphin Pools & Spas explains that some homeowners want to have pool features that would suit their pool designs and landscaping features. Here are some features that swimming pool contractors in Utah offer.

Automatic Chlorinators

Automatic chlorinators ensure that your pool is continually clean. It distributes chlorine into the entire water system to kill germs that could make the pool unsanitary.

Timber Decks

Tiles are usually the ones used by pool manufacturers to line the sides of pools. However, their smooth surface presents a danger. Slips and falls could occur if you use tiles. Timber decks offer a safe option and are very useful for above ground pools. Plus, their design is flexible and portable.

Pool Heaters

Sometimes people don’t use their swimming pools due to cold weather. Pool heaters, however, change this as it increases the temperature of the water and helps you enjoy your pool even during the cooler season.


You can ask your pool contractor to install a waterfall into your pool design. Ask them to incorporate rock formations and even greenery to give it a natural look.

Pool Bars

If you want a pool as the center stage for your party, you could consider having a pool bar. When your festivities are ongoing, your guests will be having an enjoyable time by the poolside with their drinks.

Gradual Entryways

Also called beach walk-ins, a gradual entry provides swimmers shallow access that gradually goes deeper. It’s a good feature to have if you have young children and pets. A gradual entry is good for water play and sitting down and relaxing by the pool area.

You don’t have to settle for a regular pool. Don’t hesitate to contact a pool contractor if you are thinking about updating your pool’s design.