Tap Water: Is it Safe to Drink?

tap water

While it is clear that we need to stay hydrated, you may be wondering if the tap water in your home is safe to drink. It is good to know that the water from the public system in the country is considered generally safe, with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitoring all water systems and setting health standards regarding the contaminants in your water supply.

Not Free of Impurities

The water that comes out from your tap needs to meet the strict safety standards, but this doesn’t mean that it is free of any contaminants. It can still have impurities, but it is good to know that the levels of contaminants in your water don’t pose a serious health risk. But then again, accidents can happen and the water can still be contaminated.

Contaminated Water and Safety

Water filtration companies likeNuWater Technologies in Utah note that contaminated water can negatively affect your health, but the impact depends on the type of contaminant. Some also consider boiling contaminated water to make it safe, but you have to take note this can only kill germs and cannot affect pesticides, lead, and nitrates. Some, on the other hand, use a water filtration system to be on the safe side.

Why Invest in a Water Filtration System

Even if your water isn’t contaminated, you can still benefit from a water filtration system, especially if you’re about the safety and the level of contaminants in your supply. Here are some the rewards you can enjoy:

  • Better taste

While the chlorine in tap water is safe to drink, it can have an unpleasant taste. The use of a filtration system can get rid of the chlorine and other contaminants, giving you a more natural tasting drinking water.

  • Savings

With a brand new water filtration system, you can have an unending supply of clean and safe drinking water. You may have to pay for the new system and its maintenance, but it provides long-term benefits and can prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on buying bottled water.

  • Convenience

By installing a water filter, all you have to do is turn on the tap and have as much as clean and safe water for you and your family. This beats going to the store and buying bottled water.

Stay on the safe side by installing a water filter. Contact a water filtration company today to learn more about your options in making your water safe and cleaner.