The Connection Between Hard Water and Your Health

Safe Drinkable Tap Water

The quality of the water you drink affects your general health. Hard water’s high concentration of magnesium and calcium ions has been connected to stunted growth, skin allergies, and a high risk of cardiovascular problems. The water experts at Kinetico Utah say that it is then important to use a water softener in your home. You could purchase water softeners in Bountiful, Utah. Below are more reasons why soft water is essential.

The Solution to Shiny Hair

The minerals present in hard water inhibit foam production, making it hard to wash your hair. The minerals also promote dandruff and make the hair dull in appearance. Soft water is easy to lather soap and leaves your hair shiny.

Proper Kidney Functioning

The kidney gets rid of harmful toxins from the body through urine. The kidney requires a sufficient supply of water to function properly. Hard water has too many minerals that could affect the normal functioning of the kidney. However, soft water does not have minerals that affects the kidney’s proper function.

Minimizes the Risk of Contracting Waterborne Illnesses

Hard water carries microorganisms that cause waterborne diseases such as cholera or dysentery. Waterborne diseases are dangerous and can be fatal if left untreated. A water softener gets rid of the minerals and harmful organisms.

Good for Your Skin

Healthy and good-looking skin is a product of sufficient body hydration. Hard water affects the skin’s ability to hold moisture and causes dry skin. Using soft water gives your skin a healthier glow.

Hard water treatment is essential if you want to prevent future issues with your skin or hair. Buying a water softener is a good investment when you want to safeguard the health of your family.