The Connection Between Humidifier Use and Water Damage

Humidifier in the room

Canadians buy millions of humidifiers every year. No doubt, it’s a wonderful addition to any home. It comes in handy during the winter season when the skin is likely to be affected. Health experts say that the effects of dry winter air on the skin go beyond discomfort, as the body’s immunity is also weakened. However, it’s not all bliss for this equipment. As marvelous as a humidifier is, would you believe that it can also cause water damage?

Winter Use of Humidifiers

The discomfort of winter air is caused by the inability of colder air to hold a significant amount of water vapor. Sleep will be disrupted unless you introduce some humidity in the room. For less heating, you’re able to prevent nosebleeds and other irritations. Unfortunately, the use of humidifiers can sometimes cause water damage.

Humidifier Types to Blame

Ever seen those humidifiers that are fixed next to the furnace? These are notorious for promoting condensation that leads to water damage. High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services and other professionals providing water damage restoration services in British Columbia will tell you that these devices belong to the whole house humidifiers category.

Condensation will be evident in attic spaces, on walls and on windows. If you’re still using older humidifiers, you may need to adjust them manually several times a day, which can be a hectic task. Fortunately, newer models come with automatic sensors to cater for these fluctuations.

No Need to Dispose of the Humidifier

As long as you have the amount of humidity needed in your home figured out, it’s safe to use the humidifier. The rule of the thumb is to maintain an indoor humidity of between 25% and 40%. Condensation and water damage could strike your home if you let humidity to exceed the limit. If you’re cleaning up your home after condensation, don’t forget to request for more guidelines from experts.

Water damage can spread quickly, so it is always worthwhile to nip the problem in the bud. If you notice considerable condensation on your walls or attic, it might be time to call the experts.