The Different Options for Custom Kitchen Cabinet Construction

Modern kitchen cabinets

One of the principal spaces of your house is your kitchen. Its style and design can serve as the most significant inspiration for whipping up gourmet meals. Kitchen remodeling is necessary to revamp its look and help you keep up with the latest trends.

Custom kitchen cabinets are currently the focal point of kitchen designs. Finishing options, hinges and shelves vary depending on the construction type you select for your custom kitchen remodel in Salt Lake City. As shared by Accent Interiors, here are the cabinet construction options you can choose.

Framed Construction

In this form of construction, the stiles and rails form a face frame of one inch and a half in front of the cabinet box. The frame looks like a flat picture frame attached to your door’s exterior.

The attachment of the cabinet doors to the frame in framed construction gives the cabinet sturdiness and strength. This construction type also gives you a variety of design possibilities to create a customized cabinet look.

Frameless Construction

In this form of construction, there is no face frame. The door of your cabinets is directly hinged to the cabinet box and makes up the cabinet’s front panels. It requires thick side panels for stability and might be more challenging to install.

Frameless kitchen cabinets, however, have more storage space compared to framed ones. They also have a sleek and straightforward design which matches most décor themes.

Inset Cabinet Construction

This construction type features drawers and doors fitted into your cabinet face frame openings. Inset cabinetry provides flush inset doors and clean lines. You can have the features in inset cabinets customized to fit into your kitchen design and complement your décor.

Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets can be either frameless or framed. They come in multiple parts which you should assemble on site.

After assembly, these cabinets should have minimal movement before installation to avert structural damage. It is prudent to have an expert help you in assembling the parts to ensure you get it right.