The Growing Trend of Sliding Barn Doors

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If you are an avid reader of home design magazines or watch home improvement shows, you must have noticed that sliding barn doors here in Australia have consistently remained a trending feature in both house remodelling and new construction projects.

These sliding doors are fitting easily with all design styles from chic, industrial and rusty, to shabby and contemporary. So, no matter what your home’s design style is, sliding doors will make an excellent alternative to the traditional swing doors.

There are, however, design tips you need to first consider in finding the best match. Here are the two common ones.

Model a Design Plan

It is imperative you consider the style of your home décor and that of the area surrounding your sliding door. This consideration is key since these doors take up more wall space that their counterparts, the swinging types, and it is necessary you keep the rest of the décor simple, too.

Also, seek advice from your supplier in Australia about the right kind of accessories to sliding doors that will best match your home décor.

Decide on a Type to Install

Sliding doors are so versatile that they are a perfect design feature for all kinds of architectural styles, including contemporary houses and Californian bungalows. So, it is up to you to decide on the style of sliding doors you would prefer to install.

The style possibilities here are almost limitless, ranging from single and double doors to glass, metal and wood sliding doors, with which you can customise your sliding doors.

You still can source for more design inspiration for your sliding barn doors from any builder’s design centre in Australia or a local home and garden outlet.

If you do not want your sliding doors to be very conspicuous, you can either enquire for one whose colour matches that of your walls or paint it in a similar colour. Doing this will help make your rooms look larger and allow you to use a design scheme of your liking that will easily blend in with your home’s décor.