The Most Common Types of House Foundation Systems

Setting up a construction site with formwork

These days, there are many kinds of structural foundation systems available. The climate and construction methods of a region mainly dictate the majority of these systems. This is because frost depths have a massive effect on footing depths. Before getting in touch with basement foundation contractors like, learn about the most common kinds of foundation systems utilized in homes.

Basement Foundation

Basement foundations are designed for storage or work and living spaces. The structural scheme of these hollow sub-grade structures is directed by the practical necessities instead of concerns from most-effective processes to resist external earth pressure and hydrostatic pressure.

Basements are made of cast-in-place or cinder block concrete walls. Waterproofing is necessary to prevent lasting moisture infiltration issues if this type of foundation system is used.

Drilled Shaft Concrete Piers and Grade Beam

This foundation system is mostly used in industrial and commercial projects, but it is also economical for residential projects that are big enough. This system works best when residential projects are constructed in high plasticity clay soil. Further structural engineering is also necessary for design and soil analysis.

Pouring a foundation is a crucial step in constructing a home. Homeowners must guarantee that they know what they should search for when getting the services of a custom builder or doing some of the work themselves.

Common Stem Wall and Footing Construction

Footings are dug from 18-inches deep and 12-feet wide to 48-inches deep and 36-feet wide. For each site, stem walls come in different heights depending on what suits the flooring system and terrain. On top of the stem wall and footing, homeowners can choose whether they want a crawl space built or a slab installed. This foundation system is preferred in the low to moderate frost line locations.

Building a new home can be a milestone in your life, so ensure that you understand the type of foundation that you want for it. Let this article serve as your guide when choosing.