The Power of Windows: How They Help Millennials in the Workplace

Workplace with Large Windows

Millennials who are establishing themselves in the workforce and securing their preferred lifestyle make many decisions that affect the way society runs, today. They have a refreshing approach to everyday matters like doing their work and making the workplace more productive.

For example, the Y generation prefers to have meeting spaces near windows, and this is already bearing impact on how companies are designing and configuring their workspaces.

Why Millennials Prefer Large Windows in the Workplace

Companies that wish to attract and retain more members of the Y generation should pay attention to workplace interior design. More importantly, they should pay attention to the way they use the office space.

Millennial employees might be more productive in workstations or meeting rooms that are near big windows. Open windows that allow natural light into the room may encourage creativity and stimulate the sharing of ideas among peers.

Not all employees enjoy bright sunlight throughout their work hours, though. Window treatment companies, such as Jo-Vin, can help companies cater to the needs of these employees. Appropriate drapes and shades let employees enjoy natural light without constantly getting distracted by the glare of the sun through the window.

How Natural Light Affects Workplace Productivity

The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published in 2014 a study that illustrates how daylight exposure impacts the sleep quality and overall well-being of office workers. The research included 49 participants who were working during the day shift, 27 of whom worked in windowless environments and 22 of whom worked in places with a significantly higher exposure to daylight.

Results of the research show that the workers who had higher light exposure during the workweek tended to be more physically active. They also tended to have longer sleep duration. Both factors contribute to the improvement of the overall well-being of the participants and, as a result, their productivity at work.

It seems like there is a scientific reason for millennials preferring to work near windows, after all.