The Role of Swimming in a Child’s Development

Mom teaching child to swim

Swimming ranks top among the oldest sports dating back to the 1896 Olympics. Even so, 65 percent of Americans lack the basic skills in swimming. This percentage can, however, decline through encouraging swimming at a young age.

It is not only fun but has numerous other benefits to offer. Here is why it is very important to teach your child how to swim.

1. Keeps the child physically fit

Swimming helps the child exercise the lungs and the heart. Finding an expert pool builder in Salt Lake City, such as Dolphin Pools & Spas, will have you own a beautiful family pool. Here the child learns different swimming techniques like the backstroke and the breaststroke.

These work to elevate physical strength, increase balance and improve posture. A child who swims regularly eliminates the chance of becoming obese.

Of all the physical activities a child can engage in, swimming is one of the friendliest to a child’s delicate joints. Swimming also makes it possible for the child to join in activities such as Kayaking, surfing, canoeing among other sports.

2. Promotes mental health

When a child successfully learns a new swimming technique, they overcome fear. This positively impacts the child’s brain development. On the other hand, floating in water is quite relaxing for a child. It is a good stress reliever and prevents depression.

This explains why children are always happy in the pool and tirelessly keep going back in the water time and time again. Even for children with special needs, swimming is one among few sports that they can go to for exercise and fun.

Drowning cases are unfortunate occurrences that happen daily all over the world. Choosing to teach your kids how to swim keeps them safe and more importantly alive in the face of a situation that requires them to swim.

It is almost impossible for a child to forget how to swim. People use the same swimming techniques they learned as kids when they are adults.