The Swimming Pool Shape That’s Right For You

Freeform Pool

Having an in-house pool is one of the most rewarding additions to your home! There’s no need to go outside for a dip, and you can enjoy swimming at your private pool.

When planning to build your pool, people only usually think about the measurements and materials. Another important aspect of pool building that you shouldn’t overlook is deciding the shape of your swimming pool.

Types of Pool Shapes

If the jury’s still out on the kind of pool you want for your home, the Landscaping Network can give you an idea of the existing shapes which pool builders in Salt Lake City usually can create.

1. Rectangular Pool

Probably the most common pool shape for both commercial and residential spaces, rectangular pools wisely make use of space and look good in formal settings. If you’re into swimming laps, then this long, straight pool is ideal for you.

2. Freeform Pool

If you want your pool to stand out, then the freeform pool is the best choice. Its design is flexible such that it can adapt to any curvilinear shape. It channels uniqueness and fits nicely with gardens or backyards that are rife with greenery.

3. Figure-8 Pool

You should choose a figure-8 pool when you’re more focused on how the pool functions than its appearance. This family-favorite pool has a specific purpose: the eight-style shape allows for separation of the shallow part of the pool from the deeper area. This means that both young and old family and friends can dip in the same pool comfortably.

Next Steps for Pool Building

Once you’ve made up your mind on your swimming pool’s shape and you have the measurements, you now have the essential details for creating your pool. When it comes to determining the right material and costing, it’s best to get in touch with pool builders in Salt Lake City who can help you build your dream pool using quality materials.