The Things You’re Doing Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality

Worker holding blue pipe in place under air ducts

A common belief among Rockwall, TX residents, is that the air inside their home is less polluted and much safer than what’s outside. This isn’t the case though; according to studies, indoor air quality may be far worse than outdoor air quality. In other words, you and your loved ones may be breathing in more dangerous air while inside your own home.

This still depends on some factors though, such as the activities you conduct (or those that you fail to do) inside the house. The following are the things that you may just be doing that contribute to poor (and hazardous) indoor air quality.

Forgetting all about the needed repairs and maintenance of the HVAC system.

Furnaces, boilers, vents, air ducts, and air conditioners all help in keeping homes and offices comfortable and cozy. However, they can also contribute to bad indoor air quality, especially when neglected.

For instance, postponing a much-needed service call from a Rockwall, TX HVAC company like Bacon Plumbing for repairs can mean compromised filtration performance. When this happens, the system cannot optimally filter the air of pollutants and contaminants, and may just actually circulate even more of the hazardous particles throughout your home.

Using too much household chemicals.

Indoor air contamination occurs in many different ways, including the use of household chemicals. These include cleaning solutions, insecticides, pesticides, and even air fresheners. These items release chemical compounds into the air, which can be detrimental to health.

As early as now, switch to the organic or the more eco-friendly ones. Also, there are natural ways for you to get rid of insects and pesticides, so do your research and implement them rather than relying too much on chemicals.

The last thing you want is for your home to have air more dangerous than outdoor air, so stop doing stuff and switch to greener practices.