Things You Need to Do Before Reaching 40

a happy middle-aged woman

You have probably heard of the saying, “life begins at 40.” For many, this is the age where a person has already gained experiences in life that have taught him or her a lot. But the good news is you can prepare for life even before reaching 40. Here are some of the things you can do to get ready for the big 4-0.

Buy a home

If there is one thing you will need in your life, that would be your own home. It is best to start young and start looking at new homes in Cairns for you and your family. Look for a real estate agent that can help you land the best property and work from there.

It also pays to hire an experienced builder that can help you turn your dream into a reality. Having your own home in your 20s or 30s is a huge achievement and will allow you to be stable at a young age.


Travel lets you learn more about other cultures, which promotes personal growth. If you have not travelled for pleasure before, now is the time to start. You do not have to go somewhere exotic and spend thousands to get the travel experience of a lifetime.

You can start by going out of town, to somewhere you have not been to before. Once you have started travelling, you will find yourself doing it more often.

Do charity or volunteer work

If you have had some good luck and would like to share, it would be a good idea to give some of your time and effort to those who are less fortunate. Pick a charity that you would like to donate to or volunteer at your local soup kitchen – good deeds that allow you to pay it forward.

Just like any age, 40 is just a number. But it can also be meaningful, which is why doing things you have not done before can make 40 or any age worth the wait.