Three Negative Consequences of a Poor Drainage System

Water Drainage

Having a good drainage system is important not only in the household but also for the environment. Did you know that as much as 85% of home repair expenses come from water damage? And the most common cause of this water damage is poor drainage.

It can also affect the environment because floods can occur when there is no proper drainage for water to pass through. Fortunately, if the problem lies in the drainage system, drainage contractors such as Un-Block can solve it.

Here are the major problems having a damaged or poor drainage system can cause:

Property Damage

One of the most common problems caused by a poor drainage system is property damage caused by water. Many homeowners overlook the kind of damage that water can bring. If you do not have working drainage, you are at a higher risk of experiencing damage to asphalt and concrete, overflowing gutters, building material deterioration, and mould growth.


In the community, roads, and urban areas, a poor drainage system can lead to flooding, especially during the rainy season. Aside from the damage water can bring to many infrastructures, a problem linked to garbage and sanitation can emerge. Diseases can come out when the floodwaters become contaminated. Aside from that, flooding is a life-threatening situation, and if it becomes worse, it can cause accidents, injuries, and death.

Water Waste

Water is an essential part of life. Today, the percentage of clean water across the globe is deteriorating. A drainage problem can aggravate this problem. Wasting water can take a toll on the environment, and also, your water bill.

Making sure the drainage in your house and community is properly designed and working is crucial. It prevents the risk of water damage to properties and flooding in communities.