TV Above the Fireplace: Yay or Nay?

Beautiful Furnished Living Room Interior

Placing a flat screen TV above the face of your fireplace or mantel results in a functional and nice-looking entertainment center, becoming the visual centerpiece of the space. This heart-television pairing frees up much-needed floor space and provides great views for couch surfers and snugglers alike. However, as with other high-tech design arrangements, this configuration comes with its own challenges.

Safety and Installation

Go for a durable mounting system specifically developed for your television’s size and weight to make certain that it doesn’t budge from the wall. If your mantel is substantially deep, position your televisions in a sturdy stand. Consider the TV and its accessories’ power sources and how your configuration could accommodate sound equipment, cable systems, and electrical wires. Hide cables and wires cleverly with a bridge system that would hide them behind your TV.

Placement and Temperature

If you have a wood-burning fireplace and want to light a fire while you watch TV, it’s critical that the temperature you’ll be subjecting your TV to does not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended temperatures. Excess heat could adversely impact your television’s service life and might even void its warranty. Otherwise, refrain from watching your TV and lighting a fire at the same time. As for placement, the TVs should be at eye level if you’re seated. Unless your mantel is low, then this isn’t possible. Consider investing in a flexible mounting system that allows you to set your TV at different angles.

Integration Design Ideas

Your Salt Lake City home could hide your TV and gas fireplace combo behind accordion-style dividers or folding doors, or place it into a recessed wall. You could also consider adding a mechanized panel for exposing and hiding the screen with just the touch of a button. Throw in some built-in bookcases for framing your fireplace and hiding electronics.

A TV-fireplace combo could work, but you have to consider the mounting heights, electrical, and ventilation regardless if you’re working with a wood burning or gas fireplace. With careful planning, the proper design considerations, and essential safety measures, a fireplace-TV combo could be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.