Types of Grass Suitable for Your Lawn

lawn mower trimming grass

Since Minneapolis is on the northern bit of the transition zone, it experiences extreme winters and mild summers. Thus, only cool-weather grass can survive here.

The grass planted here record their highest growth rates when exposed to temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they grow significantly during fall and spring. That said, before purchasing any grass for your lawn, ask a mowing professional like The Lawnsmith to help you select sustainable, attractive grass. Here are some that options you can consider:

Perennial Ryegrass

This grass germinates quickly, so it is an excellent choice for temporary lawns. It results in an eye-catching garden that maintains its green color even during extreme temperatures. The heat or cold tolerance will be determined by the variety of ryegrass that you select.

Kentucky Blue Grass

This grass has zero shade tolerance. Thus, it is recommended for shade-free lawns. When handled properly, the grass grows into a dense, long-lasting garden, which becomes the focal point of your home. While it requires extensive maintenance, it pays off during winter since it withstands the cold weather. Ask professionals to help you select the best variety since some are prone to environmental damage.

Fine Fescue

If there is plenty of shade on your lawn, then this grass is the perfect option. It is available in varieties that require minimal moisture and temperature needs. They are suitable for rocky and sandy soil, and they withstand extreme winter temperatures.

While flowers and other features make an attractive lawn, finding the right grass is half the battle. With the given selection, all that you need is a good maintenance schedule. Identify your weather condition and choose a variety of grass that is resistant to it.