Types of Materials Used in the Manufacture of Window Films

Men tinting glass

Window films have significantly changed the appearance and function of vehicle and building windows. The films enhance the look of your windows better than other window treatments. They also reduce your interior cooling costs since they decrease the amount of heat that enters your car and building.

There are many options you will come across when choosing a window film from a Dallas TX supplier. The broad range of window film categories is as a result of the range of materials used to make the window films. Here are some of these materials.


Dyed window films are the least expensive in the market. A layer of dye is placed next to the adhesive which is stuck to your windows. The dye absorbs solar heat hence decreasing indoor temperature.

Dyed films look opaque and flat. It provides privacy but still allows some visibility from the inside. Though dyed films do not fade easily, their heat-reduction is not very high.


Metalized films have microscopic metal particles embedded in them. The metal particles reflect sun rays hence decreasing interior heat. The film also strengthens your window. Metalized films are the popular option for cars and commercial buildings since they make the windows shatter-resistant.

Compared with dyed films, these films are more scratch-resistant. The metallic content might sometimes, however, interfere with vehicle GPS transmission.


This is the latest, most expensive and highest-quality window film material. A ceramic film contains microscopic, ceramic-based nanoparticles.

These non-metallic nonconductive films block at least 90% of infrared and UV light efficiently, keeping your interiors cool. They also make your windows shatter-proof and are incredibly durable.

There is no type of window that will not benefit from a window film. With the above material options, you surely will find one to suit your needs and budget. Discuss your options with a window film supplier today and start reaping the benefits of this inexpensive window treatment.