Types of Modern Swimming Pool Bottoms

bottom of a swimming pool

Swimming pools have been around for ages. They, however, have only recently gained popularity in residential properties with a push towards exercise for a healthy lifestyle. Rather than opting for the conventional pool design, homeowners are now looking into various methods of customizing their pools.

One of the areas of pool construction that can transform your pool into a masterpiece is its bottom, notes Dolphin Pools & Spas. There are now various pool bottoms available other than the slanting shallow and deep ends of yesteryear.

Wedge-Shaped Pool Bottom

This shape can be made without any flat section, or incorporate a small flat landing section in its front steps. Wedge-shaped pool bottoms have a mild and gradual slope from their shallow end to the deepest end. The pool slopes back up against the wall at its deepest end rather than having a flat hopper section like the one in standard bottoms.

Sports Pool Bottom

This pool bottom features a level shallow area on both of its ends. There’s a small hooper at the center of the pool typically about 5-6’ deep. The sports bottom pool is ideal for homeowners looking to play water polo or volleyball in their pools. It heats more rapidly than a standard pool since it’s not so deep.

Play Pool Bottom

Play pool bottoms are considered a blend of sports and wedge-shaped pools. They have a steady slope on both ends with a center point which is approximately 5-6’ deep. They are perfect for people who desire to play in the pool but not aggressive sports like those played in sport pool bottoms.

There are various options for customizing the above pool bottoms further. You can include decals with your desired letters and paintings or make different shapes with tiles of different colors. If you already have a swimming pool on your property, changing its bottom to the ones above is inexpensive and quick.