Types of Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Plantation style windows

There are various types of window treatments, but plantation shutters remain a popular choice. Plantation shutters have larger slats compared to other shutters and hence they normally tend to have fewer slats. Plantation shutters are popular because they can be customized to fit all properties. These shutters also give your property a clean look and efficiently control of the light that comes through your windows.

A company like Plantation Shutters in Fort Worth TX provides window shading solutions. Vinyl shutters are the least expensive choice and are also weather-resistant making them suitable for high-moisture places. Here are the types of vinyl shutters on the market.

Hollow Vinyl Shutters

These shutters have hollow frames. To enhance their weight and reduce the risk of sagging, most hollow vinyl shutters have an embedded vinyl skeleton. The resultant structured hollow vinyl shutters have improved structural integrity and efficiently support your shutters’ weight.

Solid Vinyl Shutters

These shutters consist of solid vinyl frames filled with blown PVC. Compared to hollow shutters, solid ones are more stable, have better insulating properties and are still very affordable. To enhance their support, solid vinyl shutter manufacturers add aluminum inserts which maintain the lightweight nature of your shutters.

Vinyl-Clad Wood Shutters

These vinyl shutters have embedded hardwood frames. They allow you to benefit from the low cost and maintenance of vinyl and the durability and strength of wood. The wood in the shutters also increases their moisture resistance.

The above vinyl plantation shutters are a good investment for your property but will only last with proper maintenance. Clean them once weekly to prevent the accumulation of dust and once monthly clean out all the crevices and detailed areas. Properly maintained vinyl shutters will last for at least 7-10 years. They are also 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life making them the most eco-friendly option for your property.