Utah Health Experts Suggest Air Filter System Against Winter Pollution

Man ready to install the air filter system

Utah residents should consider an air filter system at home as a better option during the winter inversion, instead of wearing basic surgical masks, according to Brian Moench, president Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment.

While there is nothing wrong with using this type of mask, it does little to protect you against polluted air, according to Moench. The N95 type of mask could be a better option. As effective as it may seem, however, an airtight mask makes breathing more difficult.

Home Upgrade

Whipple Service Champions notes that other than the necessary heating repair in Utah, households should invest in an electronic filter to improve air quality. Moench suggested filter upgrades from home furnaces as well, as it may be causing unwanted particles to scatter inside different rooms.

Those who still want to use masks should look for the right size, which filters particles as small as 2.5 microns or smaller. On the other hand, one of the best options for limiting pollution at home involves not burning wood. It saves you the time and expense to use masks at all, as the Utah Division of Air Quality remains unconvinced about their efficiency.

Masking Solution

Bryce Bird, director of the state air quality division, said that the type of breathing masks used by employees may not be suitable for everyone. For a mask to be effective, it must be tight-fitting and have filters small enough to block particles. Difficulty in breathing while doing physical activities occurs when wearing this type of mask.

Bird said that the division monitors employees’ physical health and fitness before they use a negative pressure respirator. For this reason, the public may be doing more harm than good if they choose to wear masks that may be effective, yet restricts breathing at the same time.

Utah residents can only do so much to improve air quality at home, so consider any viable solution even if it requires spending an extra amount.