Vintage Comeback: Top Home Interior Design Trends for 2018


While minimalism continues to be a frontrunner in the world of interior design, luxury homes are starting to shift toward a different feel and aesthetic. Overall, affluent clients have shown a bigger appreciation for history and art than the average consumer, and the love for everything vintage has taken over the industry by storm.

Top designers from reveal that this year, you can expect to see more colour, culture and personality than ever before in the luxury space.

Wood Washes

The rise of rustic décor means that washed woods and finishes are here to stay. You can go for a light, matte look or a whitewashed wood for a calming interior, but don’t be afraid to try on bolder wood finishes like oak. Its heavily grained surface is sure to bring a classic, moody feel to your room. Designers are also using cerused wood painted with white pigment to bring out its unique texture.

Concrete Comeback

Marble has been a staple material in luxury estates over the past decade, but concrete is starting to make headlines again into modern home architecture. Concrete exudes a sleek industrial element. When combined with bold accents and steel appliances, it can project an exceptionally luxurious feel.

Retro Lighting

These days, lamp and light fixtures do more than brighten dark areas of the home. They can tell a lot about the room’s personality. Recently, dynamic lighting has found a spot in modern décor. Retro-inspired illuminations add an interesting focal point to your kitchen or living room.

Luxury home design continues to evolve with time, but the key to lasting beauty is using sustainable and creative components. This year, the trend is all about embracing the past, adding more colour, and making your home stand out.