What Causes Cracked Tiles on Your Flooring?

Tiles being set

Most people think that broken tiles on the floor indicate a problem with the tile itself, although it mostly signals an issue beneath the surface.

The average cost of repairs for cracked tiles in the U.S. amounts to $416, although the usual cost ranges between $256 and $577 depending on the scope of damages. It is ideal to look for tile repair and grout cleaning companies to learn the real cause of the problem.

Cause of Damages

Some of the reasons for a cracked tile include a heavy blow to it. For instance, kitchen tiles are more likely to be damaged because of dropped pans and pots, especially if you have ceramic tiles. Those who have the usual one-or two-door refrigerator should know that its dead weight could also be the reason for cracked tiles.

Other heavy dead loads include tables, your dishwasher, and your cabinets. Those who recently moved to a new place may have noticed some dents on the floor, which could also be a result of the careless placement of heavy appliances.

Cost of Repairs

Cracked tiles are a safety hazard, whether or not you are aware of the cause. A professional may suggest replacing the broken ones with ceramic since it is among the least expensive options. Ceramic and porcelain are also much cheaper to repair in case they get damaged again.

In some cases where grout cleaning is necessary, the cost of repairs could be higher. As soon as repairs are done, sealing the tiles would be a good way to reduce the need for further repairs in the future.

When choosing a professional tile repair service, find a company that specializes in various services. You should also ask for at least three quotes from different companies, so you can make an informed decision.