What Sleep Hygiene is All About

woman sleeping soundly

If you’re not getting enough sleep, then constant headaches and fatigue are all too familiar symptoms. In an attempt to treat insomnia, some people who appreciate the creation of technological progress of modern-day chemists, end up taking sleeping pills. But pills only deal with the symptoms, and there are better, natural ways to resolve your sleepless nights.

1. Trying Aromatherapy

According to scientific research, aromatherapy stimulates limbic and olfactory systems in the body, relaxing your emotional state. You simply need to spray lavender essential oils on your pillow to enjoy this process. The soothing fragrance of lavender will reward you with a great slumber.

Make sure your pillow needs is as comfortable as your mattress. If your mattress is lumpy and old, then you need to replace it. 2brothersmattress.com underscores the importance of a mattress, adding that you’ll be spending six to eight hours every day for seven to 10 years. So you’ll need it the right mattress.

2. Ever tried writing a gratitude list? Try this before going to bed

Anxiety is an enemy of good sleep, so all that worrying could be what’s keeping you wide awake at 3 am. You need to start thinking positively.  A great place to start is writing a gratitude list right before you go to bed. Take a few minutes and write down what you’re grateful about for the day or week so far. Positive thoughts induce feelings of happiness and relaxation — exactly what you need to improve your sleep habits.

3. Exercise regularly

People who exercise regularly fall asleep more easily than their sedentary friends. A study in the Mental Health and Physical Activity journal finds that 150 minutes of weekly moderate to vigorous physical activity offers 65 percent improvement in the quality of sleep. Every time you exercise, your body temperature rises, and afterward, the post-exercise drop in temperature promotes sleep. Exercise also decreases anxiety and depressive symptoms thereby promoting a good night’s rest.

You don’t need to make any dramatic changes to start enjoying your sleep. The simple habits outlined above will have a profound impact on how you sleep and when you practice them consistently, you will start feeling more emotionally balanced, mentally sharp and more energetic.