What Timber Stairs Can Do for Your Home

wooden staircase

Stairs serve more than just the purpose of connecting the lower and upper floor. It can also serve as a focal point of a space if designed well. This is why choosing the kind of material to use is a crucial step, as it can amplify or break your interiors. If you’re leaning towards a wooden staircase, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you decide.

Different types for different styles

When choosing a material, a timber staircase is a popular choice because of the wide range of timber type. The most commonly used is pine, which has a very stable feel and one that can be painted over. This makes it a versatile choice for homeowners who may want to keep changing their interiors through paint jobs.

Hardwood and beech are also popular choices for staircases made from timber. For those who prefer lighter-colored natural wood, there’s ash and oak to choose from. Each type of wood has a specific component that can appeal to a homeowner differently. Best of all, it is also possible to combine the types of wood used, especially for individuals who may have cost constraints to worry about.

Enjoy the elegance of rustic style

Be it modern or traditional style, a timber staircase manages to suit most interior styles. Some homeowners choose timber for its rustic and homey appeal. Even modern homes, however, need a bit of warmth, which wooden staircases can deliver.

Design Your Interiors emphasized this, stating that wooden treads work well with metal handrails for support to give that warm yet modern touch.

Reclaimed options are available

Since it is one of the more sought-after materials for the home, wood is also starting to become a much-needed commodity. This is why reclaimed wood is beneficial. According to Green Business Watch, using reclaimed wood lessens the need to get more timber from forests. A timber staircase made of reclaimed wood also features larger planks, which is perfect for bigger homes.

Wooden staircases add quite a bit of character to a space, be it in the design, the color or even the accent it adds. With this, you can achieve the style you want for your home.