What to Consider when Designing Your NYC Apartment

a modern apartment

You will not want to entrust the design and construction of your NYC apartment to someone whose skills no one can vouch for. You’d also want to know a bit about design to communicate well with the architect you’ve chosen to translate your ideas into a floor plan.

To get that apartment that looks just like what you have in your dreams, consider these elements of design:

Flea Market Fashion

Before residential architecture firms like philkeandesigns.com can finalize the draft of the apartment design, they’d want to ask about what you have in mind for the space. They can work well with your interior designer in making full use of every square inch of floor area you have.

If there is a particular flea market find you want to highlight in the living room, for instance, the architect can make room for a dais or a recessed wall for it.

Low Profile Kitchen

Some kitchens want to stand out, especially if someone in the family is fond of cooking and entertaining. In New York spaces, however, you’d want to go for a modest, almost invisible kitchen that flows with the design of the rest of the house. The cabinetry you use in the kitchen can match the table and chairs at the dining table. The table runners can be the same print or color as the curtains.

Open Layout

Anyone living in New York will know that real estate can get pretty expensive this side of the globe. You may enjoy a modest-sized apartment, but you can make it seem bigger with an open layout. Ask your architect about removing walls and letting the kitchen integrate with the living area for a “greater” living room. A minimalist design makes full use of the space without making it look cramped, so consider this style when planning.

No matter the size of your New York apartment, you can make the most of it with an intelligent design. Be as involved as you can be in the process to be satisfied with the results.