What to Do When the Air Conditioner Stops Cooling

An Air Conditioning UnitWhat you most detest during the summer is an air conditioner that is unable to produce cold air. There are many possible reasons the machine has stopped working. Some of these are easy to handle, while others need the attention of an experienced HVAC professional, such as Airtime Heating & Cooling in Riverton. If you expend all the options under your skill or knowledge level, it may be the high time to call in an expert. Below is a list of steps you can take when the unit stops cooling.

Look for Simple Fixes.

Before you assume your air conditioner has died (RIP, dearest friend), check out the common sources of problems. Some things to do as you start the diagnostic process include closing windows and doors. Remove obstructions from supply and return vents, turn off humidifiers, or try pushing the reset button on the unit.

Check the Wiring.

Electrical problems account for almost 85% of all HVAC problems. That is why you need to check the wiring as a matter of priority. If you notice a blown fuse or a tipped breaker, you might have to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Check for Leaks.

The refrigerant is to the system what blood is to the human body. Without it, the AC cannot work. Poor maintenance will eventually lead to leakage and the unit’s malfunctioning. If the AC is too old, there is no point dealing with leaks every other week. Just replace it already. For a new machine, you need to simply make sure you accord it enough maintenance.

Clean the Air Filter.

Before proceeding, disconnect the unit from power. Once you open the front door of the unit, you can access the filter. If you the AC has a washable filter, simply clean and replace it. While at it, check whether ice covers the coils. Ice is an indication of poor air flow, so you better fix that too.

Have you done all these fixes, but are still facing the same cooling problem? Schedule an HVAC technician to have a thorough check and repair of the unit.