What to Remember When Buying Land in Melbourne

View of melbourne skyline

Raising a family is quite a challenge. You want to be able to provide for them, by giving them a home to call their own. Unfortunately, finding your dream home can prove to be a problem – it can be difficult to find a house that is just the right fit for your family.

If you want a place that is customised to you and your family’s needs, building your own house from the ground up is a viable option. One of the best places to purchase land is in Melbourne, Victoria. A good option would be to find lots in suburban developments like Modeina.

All About Location

While real estate is comparably cheaper outside of the city, you will want to purchase land somewhere that is close to modern amenities such as schools, shopping centres, and places of employment. Unless you plan to build a farm or ranch, it is best to limit your search to areas accessible to the closest city’s Central Business District.

Owner’s Corporations

If the land you are planning to build on is inside a subdivision, it may be part of an owner’s corporation. Private developments could impose a different set of rules on what you are allowed to do on your property. You may also have to pay membership fees and maintenance costs.

One upside to purchasing land on a development is that they can provide you with guidelines, as well as advice on how to get your build started.

Environmental Concerns

The city of Melbourne provides resources for potential landowners regarding areas with flood risks. Be sure to choose a lot that is not located within a high-risk area. Other things to watch out for would be your proximity to industries that may affect the local environment, such as mining and refineries. These sites can potentially contaminate ground water, which in turn, pose a health risk to you and your family. Remember to ask your agent regarding these often-overlooked hazards.

Building Permits

Aside from owner’s corporation rules, local city ordinances can also place limitations on your construction plans. City regulations help ensure safety and prevent untoward disasters from occurring, such as digging into underground cables that may shut down an entire city block.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when buying land. Make sure you practice due diligence to save you plenty of headache in the future.