When Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

A square shaped air duct

Over time, your duct pathways collect mold, dust and even carcinogens. As a result, the indoor air quality in your home or office starts decreasing. In worse cases, you might start experiencing allergic reactions or asthma. To prevent this from happening, it is important to give your home a comprehensive air duct cleaning in Minnesota (MN). Here are the situations where it is highly advisable that you clean your ducts.

House repair or renovation

If you have recently upgraded any part of your home or had an extensive repair done, you need air duct cleaning. It is particularly necessary if there was lead paint removal, asbestos abatement, or any scrubbing or drilling that resulted in a significant amount of dust. During a home renovation, ductwork should always be sealed off to prevent dangerous debris and dust, which pose health risks to your family.

Pest infestation

Ducts provide an ideal environment for pests, such as rats, to thrive in. As such, if you notice nesting or animal infestation inside your ducts or any other part of the HVAC system, call a cleaning company immediately. Have them remove the pests, clean the ductwork, and seal it properly to prevent further entry.

Prolonged and unexplained illnesses

If you have taken all the necessary measures to decontaminate your home, but still you or any other member of your family are having prolonged allergy-related illnesses, your ducts may be the culprit. The accumulation of allergens carrying dirt will still exist in the air no matter how many times you vacuum or dust your house. Therefore, have the ducts cleaned to ease the effects of the illnesses.

Unfortunately, while there are professional duct cleaning services out there, there are scams as well. Be on the lookout for anyone who is trying to empty your bank account with unnecessary procedures. It is also important for you to avoid any DIY procedures regardless of how safe you think the sprays and sealants are. These chemicals are harmful to your health, and it is for this reason that EPA registers none of those sprays for use in duct cleaning.