Why a Fibreglass Pool is Worth the Investment

Swimming Pool

Long gone are the days when homeowners only adopted traditional pool designs. There are now many variations of pools that offer elegance to your property without compromising on their functionality. Fibreglass pools are among these and are suitable for small pool designs for Perth properties, whether residential or commercial. Here’s why they’re worth the investment:


The surface of fibreglass is nonporous like concrete. Therefore, your pool may not harbour any algae. Fibreglass is also non-reactive, so it won’t affect the water in your pool. Maintaining a concrete pool would need the addition of muriatic acid to balance the pH level of the water and frequent scrubbing of the walls. ​


Fibreglass pools are manufactured in a climate-controlled factory. Therefore, the environment and atmosphere that your pool will be in exposure is a replica of what is in the factory. The result fibreglass product is of high quality and capable of lasting for ages. ​

Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Initially, fibreglass pools were available in just basic shapes and colours. But, thanks to innovative technology in manufacturing, you can now get fibreglass pools in any colour, shape and design. You can also add accessories, like swim jets, LED lights and poolside waterfalls.

Quick to Install

After ordering a fibreglass pool, the pool contractor will come with a pre-constructed shell as a structure. Typically, the installation process involves putting the shell in your yard and building on it. You don’t have to handle landscaping demands under construction for months. You can swim in your pool after the installation is complete. ​

Swimming is a hobby among many people. It makes an excellent choice of a sport as well. Therefore, investing in a fibreglass pool is one of the ways you can better enjoy this hobby and sport, while still helping you keep fit, and improving the curb appeal of your home.