Why a Solar Pool Heating System Suits You Best

Two women enjoying a swim in a heated pool

Swimming pools are great in the summer when the water temperature can be refreshing and cool. However, during the cold months, temperatures can go down, and you need a pool heater to make your pool warm and cosy.

Buying the wrong kind of heater can be costly, and it might require regular maintenance which could add extra expenses to your budget. However, when you purchase a solar pool heating system, the benefits could outweigh the cost.

Saves Money

Gas or electric pool heaters can last for a maximum of five years. They could also incur additional operating costs such as electricity charges and gas refill costs. But solar pool heaters can last for 20 years or more. They also require very minimal maintenance throughout the year because they rely on energy from the sun. All these benefits reduce your expenses on a pool heater.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar pool heating systems use renewable solar energy. The solar panels collect energy from sunlight and transform it into heat for your pool. Traditional pool heaters use gas and electricity to power the heater. In the process, they release chemicals that negatively affect the environment. Using a solar heating system reduces these emissions.

Reduced Failure Rate

Conventional pool heaters often have compressors and fans etc. They require regular maintenance and parts replacement due to corrosion. Solar pool heating does not have any such components as they have water collectors and panels that heat up the water using solar energy before it is directed into the pool. This technology ensures your pool heating system last longer without constant maintenance.

With solar pool heating, you and your family will enjoy using your pool even during the cold months. Additionally, these solar pool heating systems save you money and are environmentally friendly.