Why Carports Make Better Investments Than Garages

a spacious carport

So you just bought a brand new car. You’ve done extensive research on what model to buy; you’ve scoured numerous car dealers to get the best deal. It’s no surprise you want to keep it looking new and in top condition. As much as you wish you could, you can’t control natural elements, such as rain, hail, the sun’s heat, or — a not so natural element — drunk passers-by. A sure way, therefore, to protect your car’s exterior from damage is to build it its own carport.

A Simple Solution

Just Patios, an industry expert in Brisbane, says carports not only keep your car looking brand new. They are easier to build too. All the basic structure needs is four poles and a roof of your choice. Here’s a plus: carports is an open structure, which means it is easy to get a permit for building one.

More Flexible than a Garage

Although they offer the same advantages, you cannot move them around your property when you need to. With carports, you can. This is a convenient factor if you like to hold events such as barbecues, outdoor movie nights, get-together in your garden, or even a wedding reception. Here’s a better idea: park your car outside just for the day and hold the event in the carport.

Cost Savings

Compared with garages, carports are less expensive to build. This is because they require fewer materials and offer many alternatives in design. For example, you can opt out of adding a tiled or concrete flooring.

Don’t let people tell you that you can’t care for your car the way you care for other things you treasure in life. Some people will not get it, but your car is valuable — especially if you worked hard to be able to buy one. Remember, though; carports should not just protect your car. They should also complement your home.