Why Cupcakes Are Better


It is an obvious fact that everyone loves sweet treats. They are your go-to snack to munch on at midnight, while you relish in the warm comforter of your bed. Even in events, cupcakes are slowly taking over the scene that those graduation cupcakes wrappers are a hit.

There are, however, people who would argue that cakes are still better than cupcakes. To prove them wrong, here are some of the reasons why the smaller sweet alternatives are better.

Grab and Go

People always late find cupcakes very convenient. All they have to do is to bake pieces of cupcakes in advance, grab some, and eat them on the way to a school, event or work.

It is a better alternative compared to a cake that you have to cut out, place in a container, pack a fork and cautiously eat as it might fall off.

Easy Distribution

During parties, cupcakes are much easier to give out than cake. They also produce less mess, especially in a children’s party. Kids usually love to mess with the icing on the cake that allows much more room for a disaster to happen.

Perfect Portion and Size

Whenever you find yourself craving for something sweet, you cannot just buy a huge cake. Cupcakes have the perfect portion and size to satisfy your cravings.

Besides, it will help you protect your diet compared to a cake where you would lose control because of the huge servings you can allow yourself to have.


Whenever you are sharing a cake with your guests, you have to slice it, divide it and serve it on paper plates. The best thing about individually wrapped cupcakes is they do not require plates, some made of eco-friendly materials and they have the ideal size that you can hold in your hand.

Both cakes and cupcakes might be sweet, but each of them offers different benefits. It will depend on how and where you want to serve it as long as you make sure that they are tasty.