Why Seek Professional Services to Clean Your Carpet?


According to warranties, a carpet requires professional cleaning. Every 12 to 18 months, carpets have to be steam cleaned to keep the warranty valid. Get the services of companies such as DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration to ensure that your carpets are professionally cleaned.

Carpets Accumulate Dust and Dirt

Carpets collect dust, dirt, moisture, and pollution. In any environment, there is a steady stream of dust and dirt, and this accumulates on the carpet. When someone steps on the carpet, the dirt from the shoes sticks to yarns and threads. Vacuuming can only capture loose dirt. It takes deep cleaning methods to remove dirt and clean the dust from carpets. Microscopic pollutants easily settle into the carpet. Regular steaming removes the trapped pollutants.

Water and other liquid spills on the carpet, and these usually do not get dried enough. Clean carpet spills as soon as possible. Do not rub the carpet. Use a carpet cleaner with a piece of cloth and sop up the stain. Rinse the carpet cleaner afterwards. To absorb the remaining moisture, pile paper towels on top of the spill, and then weight them down with a pot or vase. A wet carpet collects dust that sticks to the threads. The longer it takes to clean and dry the carpet, the more dirt accumulates.

Vacuuming Is Not Enough

The best way to clean carpets is to have them professionally steamed every six months. In between steaming, these should be vacuumed every week. In high-traffic areas or a household with pets, vacuum more often. Rugs have the same problems as carpets. However, they can be taken out and beaten with a broom. This is an even better way of cleaning rugs than steaming or vacuuming. When vacuuming, it is also necessary to do it slowly. This helps loosen up tough dirt. Repeated passes also help with cleaning the carpet.

A clean carpet can last a long time. However, it requires regular steam treatments. Regular vacuuming also helps keep it clean. To maintain the carpet warranty, the carpet has to be professionally cleaned regularly.