Why You Must Never Skip a Home Inspection Report

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Buying a new home is always a hefty investment and no one wants to pay such huge sums of money only to end up with a defective property. Sadly, this is a pitfall new or reckless buyers are bound to fall into, especially if they don’t do thorough home inspections.

Remember: Any new home purchase should be a home inspection business opportunity.

Even though it can be tempting to forego an inspection when a house is new or looks well maintained, there are always small blemishes you could identify with a cheap inspection that could otherwise cost you thousands in the near future.

Never Trust the Seller

Property sellers always try to show the best parts of the house and tend to gloss over blemishes. If you are not keen, you might either overlook or not notice simple mistakes like:

  • Few roof shingles that need replacement
  • Unsafe wiring that poses an electrical hazard
  • Insufficient attic insulation
  • Non-standard boiler or AC configuration

Investing in a home inspector will let you identify these blemishes in advance. Once you know them, it’s up to you to decide whether you will factor them in when bargaining the final purchase price or whether you would rather move on and look for better property.

Go Through the Results with the Inspector

While a quick checklist indicating what parts of the house are problematic and which parts are good to go might suffice, you’re better off taking an actual tour around the property with your inspector. This will give you a chance to ask follow-up questions and get a perfect picture of the property’s true condition before sealing the deal.

Home inspections are a worthy gamble. Most people will agree with you that you would rather pay $500 for a report you might not need than pay $3000 to replace a roof just because you wanted to save on the home inspection report.