Why You Should Consider a Metal Gate

photo of a black metal gate

The gate is your home’s first line of defense, but it also serves as the front runner for your design. That said, it is important to choose the right style and material for your gate. While the appeal of wooden fences is undeniable given the quaint charm and warmth it brings, metal fences definitely have their benefits.

Understand your gate’s use

Even if you opt to use decorative metal fencing for your gate, it pays to know your gate’s main purpose. Some prefer to use gates to separate perimeters, while others install gates as an added security measure for their homes. GreatFence.com notes that understanding the function of your gate is key to choosing proper specifications and materials.

Basics of setting up and maintaining your gate

There’s a reason decorative metal fencing is quickly becoming the preferred style and material for gates. Metal, iron, and aluminum are among the most durable options on the market, lasting up to 20 years with proper maintenance. This Old House also reported that, compared to wooden fences, steel and iron do not cost as much, given the significant difference in durability.

Know your neighborhood’s standards

Every neighborhood has specific standards for homeowners when it comes to houses and their designs. Check with the neighborhood associations for any building codes or regulations regarding height and materials of gates. Some villages have specific home styles for exteriors, so this could affect your decision to buy a decorative metal fencing.

According to BHG, it also pays to talk to your neighbors, especially those who are near your house’s vicinity. Your plans for a great-looking landscape and exteriors, such as shared gating landscaping may call for some discussions.

Metal fences have a great benefit for homeowners beyond their design. For those who are free to pursue the type of design and look for their houses, this is the best choice by far.