Why You Should Make the Switch to Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Asphalt and cedar wood might look nice on your roof. Both have various colors and styles. But many people are making the switch to metal roofing, and here’s why you should too.

Years of Durability

Natural phenomena can weather materials like asphalt, tile, and wood. They can crack and deteriorate over time under constant exposure to the elements. But metal roofing, such as those provided by Cypress Metals in Utah, can endure snow, rain, and sunlight.

Metal roofing can be expensive, but its benefit outweighs the cost of regular maintenance of asphalt and wooden roofs. It is a smart investment that will protect your home for a long time. Metal roofs can last up to 70 years – or more when galvanized with zinc.

Energy Efficiency

Metal’s ability to reflect sunlight helps lower electricity costs. Because it’s an insulator, metal keeps heat away from your home. This can be a big help to your energy bills when it comes to air conditioning.

Asphalt does the opposite and absorbs heat instead. This can be good during winter time. But in summer, your home will be warmer, and you’ll turn your air conditioning at a high level.

The fact that metal is energy efficient already makes it environment-friendly. But it is also recyclable and reusable. Recycled metal is usually mixed into metal roofing to prevent it from going to the landfill.

Other Things To Consider

Having metal roofing can be noisy especially during snow, rain, and hail. Metal roofing is also a lifelong investment. You have to shell out a lot of money, but it will save you in the long run.

Be sure to use high-grade metal as well. Thin, low-grade metal can expand and contract due to changes in weather.

To get the most out of your metal roofing, be sure to have them installed and repaired by a professional. You will provide your home and your family the security and protection they deserve.