Why Your Elderly Loved Ones Need Aquatic Exercises

Seniors doing an aquatic exercise

Aquatic exercises are good for seniors. They help improve strength and make healing or recovering from an injury faster. Seniors can maintain their health comfortably and safely.

There are many benefits of doing aquatic exercises in bathtubs for the elderly from Heavenly Walk In Tubs. These include:

Lower Risk of Falls

Falling is a major issue for people aged 60 or older. It is also a leading cause of fatal injuries. Exercising on the ground is risky for seniors. Aquatic exercises make it possible for seniors with mobility and balance issues to perform exercises. There is less risk of falling.

Less Stress on the Joints

Compared to therapies and exercises done on the solid ground, there is less pain in affected areas when exercising in warm water. Because there is no excessive stress on the joints, the risk of injury is minimal. Water allows for low-impact exercises. There are no strong forces that may jar the ligaments, muscles, bones, and tendons.

Help with Osteoporosis Patients

Exercising in warm water can contribute to improving bone density. People with osteoporosis often avoid exercising for fear of sustaining injuries. Aquatic exercises offer a safe way for osteoporosis patients to exercise without fear of breaking a bone.

Making Exercise Easy and Enjoyable

Everyone – both young and old – needs exercise. But, an exercise regimen that causes pain and discomfort is not fun. An ideal exercise routine must be beneficial to one’s health, but enjoyable as well.

Many seniors are starting to develop health problems. Their joints are stiffer and easily ache with physical activity. Because of this, regular exercise is difficult for them. Water-based exercises offer a pain-free way to exercise. Likewise, most people enjoy getting soaked under warm water.

Exercise is essential for seniors. This is the key to living a healthier and longer life. With water-based exercises, they can address their need for regular exercise safely.