Winter is Coming: How to Prevent Heating System Problems

Man setting up central heating system at home

The weather in St. George, Utah never fails to attract visitors from the north who are seeking refuge from freezing temperatures. This part of the State gets 300 days of sunshine, which means more outdoor fun. Still, it is not without its winters (although classified as mild), which can wreak havoc on your heating system, making the indoors unbearable.

Common Heating System Problems in Winter, a plumbing company, shares that heating systems are an integral part of every homeowner’s everyday life. Lacking heat in the dead of winter will leave your pipes to freeze. If the system breaks down, you and your guests will feel uncomfortable.

The best thing to do is to prepare months or weeks before the cold season starts. Here are some of the winter heating problems you should observe:

  • Lack of Heat — Inefficient heating is problematic even if it keeps your home warm. Insufficient heat in your home is a sign of trouble. Check if your heat pump struggles during the cold season. For a furnace, see if the pilot light has a stable power source or if it isn’t on.
  • Dry Air — Dry air is especially problematic and uncomfortable for those with sensitive skin. A home that has an unusually low humidity can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. The lower the humidity levels are, the higher the chances for woodwork and wood furniture to dry out and crack as well.
  • Heat Cycling —Your heater undergoes heat cycling when it turns on and off far more often than usual. The process can reduce the efficiency of your heating system and eventually raise your utility bills. An excessively dirty filter or blower could result in heat cycling and cause a thermostat to malfunction.

You could prevent all of these problems. It’s all a matter of preparing your heating system for the winter season.

Preparing Your Heating System for the Cold

Preparing for the approaching cold season will help you prevent the common problems in heating systems. Here’s a list of the errands you need to do before the winter season arrives.

1. Start with regular maintenance by professionals. Call certified technicians for heating systems within your community and schedule a tune-up for your home heating system. Do this before the cold season, and you reduce the probability of breakdowns.

2. Make sure your air ducts are clean. If not, have them cleaned by professionals to make the air quality in your home better; remember, filthy air ducts can cause your energy bill to go up.

3. Clean your air filters regularly. Filters need monthly cleaning, but if you forget, it’s never too late to ask professionals to get rid of the dirt stuck in the air filters. Keep in mind that you need to replace air filters periodically. Otherwise, your utility bills will shoot up.

Enjoy energy savings with these pre-winter season preparations. Free yourself from worrying about your heating system during the cold season, and you’ll be in a better frame of mind to enjoy the festivities of the upcoming holidays.