With Flying Colors: 3 Non-Paint Related Ways to Update Kitchen Color Palette

modern kitchen

Not every kitchen redesign should be a major overhaul. In fact, by just updating your color palette, your space will have a dramatically new-look — one that’s more visually appealing, especially when done correctly. How can you do this design project right? Here are some tips:

Introduce color with lighting fixtures.

Lighting fixtures help not just in allowing better visibility when preparing food, they also serve as decorative elements. The good thing about such fixtures is there are always new designs and styles coming up. Play with colors that are different from your existing color palette by having lighting fixtures that have metallic finishes or stronger hues. Such options work best in monochromatic-schemed kitchens, as they provide a sharp contrast and a pop of color to the design.

Consider replacing counter tops.

Counter tops are the frequently seen design elements in the kitchen, so it makes sense to update its color. Depending on the design of the entire space, you can choose from different styles, from marble and granite to limestone and quartz counter top.

Accent Interiors and other Salt Lake City interior design experts highly recommend darker colors if a majority of the hues in your existing color scheme are on a lighter shade. For your kitchen island, it’s also worth considering having a colorful table runner or linens that have different eye-catching patterns.

Show off new dinnerware.

Sometimes, new colorful chinaware like porcelain plates or saucers will do the trick. It may seem like a small idea, but it can add visual interest to the room. It’s best to display them in open shelves, so they can easily be seen. It can serve as one of your focal points in the room.

If your cabinets aren’t designed to display contents, you may redesign racks or linen towers. While you’re at re-purposing those storage areas, you can also change their hardware — the knobs, latches, and pulls — to introduce different colors.

Updating your kitchen’s color palette will make a big difference in the over-all look of your space. Keep these things in mind as you spruce up the appearance and vibe of your kitchen.