Your Quick Guide to Starting a Shabby Chic Garden

Preparing for the shabby chic garden

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears the word “gardening” is aesthetic perfection. And this is brought about by the longstanding belief that all things beautiful are properly and symmetrically arranged.

But aesthetics is broad; it can even circumvent the rules. And with that, it would be safe to say that imperfection has its beauty and charm. This is why shabby chic in gardening should not be an impossibility.

If you are looking to build an imperfectly beautiful garden, the shabby chic theme may be just right for you. Here are some pointers to help you out.

Go for distressed

Designers explain that a shabby chic is a form of design and theme that stress the beauty of wear, tear, and age. As such, you may want to use accessories that look old but are not necessarily broken. Take your old wooden bench for example; you can put on your porch or patio. Antiques will work too, so you may want to get your hands on old French garden planters.

Choose the soft ones

What’s good about shabby chic is it allows you to use soft, pastel colors. With that, you may want to go for pink, neutrals, such as beige and cream, sky blue, and light yellows; your flowers should have these colors. You can go carnations, daisies, and pink roses.

Adapt for a different use

Shabby chic isn’t simply about distressed pieces and antiques. You are also free to Adapt for a different use some of your items. For one, you can turn your old sink into a water treatment, such as a fountain. Your old ottoman can become a centerpiece in your patio.

Shabby chic is that design plan you want to have if you want to embrace imperfections. You can seek inspiration from magazines or visit your local antique stores to run your imagination.